Meet the team behind the Hronis brand who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service along with healthy and nutritious products.


Kosta Hronis


“Each year, as we begin to grow another crop, I look forward to the challenge of bringing the highest quality product to our customers while being the steward of our land.”

Pete Hronis

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

“Understanding and meeting the challenges of our customers as their needs evolve over time while still supplying a healthy and nutritious product is what makes this business unique.”

Demetri Hronis

Vice President Operations

“From developing the land to seeing our product on the shelf, that’s what makes my world.”

Nick Hronis


“Take care of the customer, period. That has been our motto since day one.”

Mark DeDonato


“The challenges of the operation makes my day, while the people I get to work with make it all worth doing.”


Key Management

James Benson


“Hronis is different because we own all the fruit and a family member is involved in every aspect of the business.”

Carrie Tillman


“We all work together to help make things flow in a positive manner to get the work done.”

Steve Yaksitch


“I truly enjoy working with customers to help them get exactly what they need. The working environment at Hronis is one where it’s easy to make decisions that take care of customers.”

Jennifer LoBue


“The Hronis reputation precedes us. We place an emphasis on family values, innovative marketing and sustainable farming practices.”

David Espinoza

International Sales

“We ship fruit all over the world – to Central and South America, Mexico, Europe, and throughout Asia. It’s a pleasure to work closely with the customers to make sure everything is exactly as they expect when the fruit arrives. We work hard to keep the fruit fresh and ready to consume at any destination.”

Anthony Johnson


“Each day, the care we put into growing our product, we put into growing our relationships.  That is the only way to produce the highest quality results in all aspects of our business.”

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