Quality fruit with superior customer service is what makes Hronis your most reliable source for table grapes and citrus. All of our vineyards and orchards are 100% family-owned and we control the entire process from growing to shipping.

Red Seedless

Medium to large, rounded berries. Early Season.
Large, round oval berries. Mid Season.
Large, round to oval berries. Mid Season.
Scarlet Royal
Large, oval berries. Mid Season.
Large, oval berries. Late Season.

Red Seeded

Red Globe
Very large, round berries. Season Long.

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Green Seedless

Large, oval-elongated berries. Early Season.
Large, round oval berries Early Season.
Very Large, cylindrical berries. Mid Season.
Sweet Globe
Large round to oval berries. Mid Season.
Great Green
Large, oval berries. Mid Season.
Autumn King
Very Large, cylindrical berries. Late Season.

Black Seedless

Summer Royal
Medium-sized rounded to slightly oval berries. Early Season.
Autumn Royal
Large, oval-elongated berries. Late Season.

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